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armaplate hook locks

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All of our products are made with our customers in mind, always constructed using the highest grade stainless steel. Our locks can withstand harsh weather conditions as much as they can the techniques of skilled thieves, so with Armaplate, we can guarantee that your van and your business is always reliably protected.

Whether you are looking to protect your catalytic converter, or reinforce your van door with our sentinel lock shields, you can trust that our products do exactly what you need them to. Our reputation spreads further than our customers. Even thieves know that it’s not worth their time to attempt to infiltrate our security products, they’ll more often pass by without trying.

But if they do try their luck, our locks offer unwavering protection against the most severe attacks. Scroll through our products below to find the one that will suit you and your needs the most. Don’t delay, protect your van and its contents now.

armaplate van lock


The only GENUINE and original lockshield plates from Armaplate.

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armacat van lock


Protect your valuable catalytic convertor with a GENUINE ArmaCat.

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armaplate hook locks


Strong, dependable hook-locks from Armaplate with LIFETIME guarantee.

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