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At Armaplate, we have one priority – the safety and security of your van. We know exactly how important a reliable lock is when protecting the contents of your van. That’s why we make and sell the most secure vehicle locks on the market.

Based in Horwich, Bolton, our range of products are made in the UK. We don’t rely on third party companies to manufacture our products. We know that the products that end up at your door will do the job, and with a lifetime warranty you can rely on us completely to provide the protection you’re looking for. It is no surprise that our tamper proof locks and clamps have remained the most secure in the industry for over two decades.

Our reputation allows us to do more than just create trusted locks. Our brand works for itself, deterring criminals before they even attempt to breach your van’s security.

With more than 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing van locks, we know how to keep your van safe. Don’t let thieves slow you or your business down. Stay locked and loaded with Armaplate locks.

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